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UPDATE March 2019!!

Hellgate Hunters and Anglers has finalized approval with Missoula Country to build a free public archery range on Spurgin Road behind the Montana FWP offices. With your support, HHA is in the process of cleaning out the parcel of land, establishing the facilities for parking and shooting and maintaining the range. Your donation will contribute to every aspect of developing and maintaining the range and provide valuable matching funding for 1:1 MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks Shooting Range Improvement Grant we received.  Your generous donation will help bring this local, FREE, archery range to completion! Construction costs include: paving for the road and parking, fencing, shelter for shooting bays, purchasing and labeling targets, lawn maintenance, etc. Construction will begin this June and we plan on shooting by July! If you're interested in a workday this spring at the site, drop us an email.  HHA thanks you for your support-- this range will be a great addition for Missoula's archery community!


Who's donating

Paul Rudd
Robert McCready
Will Schreck
Matt Young
Victoria Edwards
James Walter
Whitney Schwab

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