Connecting People to Nature

Hellgate Hunters and Anglers' is a local hunting, fishing and conservation organization that promotes hunter and angler opportunities, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, and, finally, connecting people to nature through the eyes of hunters and anglers.

  • Recruitment of new Hunters and Anglers
  • After-school Programs
  • Pattee Canyon Fish Pond
  • Great American Camp Out


Montana’s 2006 Hunting Regulations - We supported the six proposed changes in State-wide rules and regulations. The most significant changes were aimed at achieving population objectives in many elk management units by improving hunter access to private lands where historically there has been very limited public hunting allowed; preventing chronic wasting disease from being imported to Montana and expanding youth hunter opportunities.


Recruitment of new Hunters and Anglers - Hellgate Hunters and Anglers recognizes the key role of hunters and anglers in the dramatic recovery of our wildlife populations during the last century. Unfortunately, the trend today is a reduction in the number of hunters in most states, including Montana. The future of our wildlife populations and our ability to hunt and fish, will continue to be greatly effected by hunters and anglers, and we will be involved in developing strategies to recruit more hunters and anglers.

After School Programs - This past spring we partnered with the Montana Natural History Center to provide a two week after school outdoor program at Frenchtown grad school.  The program included GPS operation, aquatic bug identification, and culminated in a day of fishing at Frenchtown pond.  We plan on expanding this program to at least two more schools this next spring.

Pattee Canyon Fish Pond - At the corner of Pattee Canyon Rd and SW Higgins sits a pond to help control flooding of Pattee Canyon Creek.  Pattee Canyon Creek is isolated from any major river and contains pure strain Westslope Cutthroat trout.  The pond has allowed this native fish to thrive and grow in size and numbers.  The pond is surrounded by tall chain link fences and is not accessible to the public.  We will work with the University of Montana, Missoula Parks and Rec and neighborhood councils to create a kids fishing opportunity.

Great American Campout - This past spring we taught fly-fishing and helped facilitate fish shocking with MTFWP during the Great American Campout.  The Great American Campout is a country wide sponsored event put on by the National Wildlife Federation and aims at getting people outside and connected to nature…at least for one night in a unified event.


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Hellgate Hunters and Anglers
Our Mission is to conserve Montana's wildlife, wild places, and fair-chase hunting and fishing heritage.