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Hellgate Hunters and Anglers' is a local hunting, fishing and conservation organization that promotes hunter and angler opportunities, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, and, finally, connecting people to nature through the eyes of hunters and anglers.

  • Inventoried Roadless Area
  • Wildlife Friendly Acquisition
  • Trout Friendly Water Management
  • Restoration
  • Urban Wildlife Management
  • The Endangered Species Act
  • Delisting the Grizzly Bear in the Yellowstone Area
  • Bison Hunting
  • Wolf Management in Montana
  • Montana's Ongoing Hunting Regulations
  • Non-game Wildlife Management


Inventoried Roadless Areas - We support keeping Inventoried Roadless Areas roadless. These areas are extremely important for Montana’s five-week big game season and provide core habitat for mule deer, elk, and big horn sheep. We have been working with the Montana Roadless Working Group and the Montana Hunters and Anglers Roadless Working Group to create long-term protection assurances for these areas.


Wildlife Habitat Acquisition - We support acquisitions of critical wildlife habitat where the resulting ownership or acquired interest will preserve and/or improve the effectiveness of that habitat, and provide appropriate, equitable access for hunting, fishing and other recreation.


Trout Friendly Water Management - We join Trout Unlimited in this program that is designed to raise public awareness of the adverse impacts that heavy lawn watering, excessive fertilization and pesticide use can have on fisheries.


Restoration - We serve on the Missoula County Milltown Redevelopment Working Group to ensure that restoration and redevelopment work at the Milltown superfund site improves watershed health and fish and wildlife habitat.


Urban Wildlife Management - We support increased communication and cooperation between city governments, city residents and the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to develop and implement Urban Wildlife Management Plans. Management plans must keep wildlife wild and address an acceptable balance between the value of seeing wildlife in the urban areas and the accompanying risks and costs associated with resulting property damage and human safety issues.


The Endangered Species Act - This Act is an important tool to us as hunters and anglers and conservationists. In partnerships with several other hunting and fishing organizations we are strongly opposing any changes to the Act that could reduce its effectiveness.


Delisting the Grizzly Bear in the Yellowstone Area - We co-sponsored a public debate on the pro’s and con’s of delisting the grizzly bear in the Yellowstone Area. We are now on record as supporting this delisting.


Bison - We believe the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks should manage bison as game animals. We support policy development within the states and Federal agencies that share the role of management of these bison so that the bison can utilize more of their historic habitat and provide opportunities for the ethical hunter.


Wolf Management in Montana - Our position is that large predators, such as the wolf, bring needed balance to our wildlife resources. We support delisting of the wolf in Montana as soon as possible to permit management by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This change would assure that the interests of hunters and other Montanans could be better addressed.


Non-Game Wildlife Management - We support efforts to better understand and manage for habitat needs of non-game species. We will work to make State Wildlife Grants a working tool in Montana. Efforts to enhance habitat for non-game species will also have positive impacts for species that we hunt.


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Our Mission is to conserve Montana's wildlife, wild places, and fair-chase hunting and fishing heritage.