Fishing Photo Contest

We admit it. We've got fish on the brain. Specifically, trout fishing on the brain. We're not looking down our noses at warmwater species like Walleye or Bass, we love those too, especially when they're breaded and fried.

But it's hot, unbearably so. And nothing beats standing belly deep in the Blackfoot river when the mercury rises. Cold, clear rivers full of trout and grayling, brookies and bulls for Wilderness streams, big tailwater Rainbows and Browns from a drift boat and a cooler with some frosty beverages in the back of the truck just scream summer in Montana.

Hell. Yes.

To honor this most natural air conditioning, the trout stream, we're bringing on the first annual trout fishing photo contest!

The Rules are simple:

  • Submit a photo with a trout fishing theme to our facebook page, or to [email protected] Grip and grins are fine, but we really want to see what makes Montana great, so scenic shots and action shots are great too. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make everyone stop and say "Damn, that's fantastic." 
  • It's gotta be from Montana. If you slayed steelhead on the Clearwater, we're very happy for you (and a little jealous), but this isn't about Idaho, it's about Montana. 
  • Get as many folks as you can to like the photo*. The top 25 photos with the most likes will be collected and passed on to our panel of expert judges. 
  • Deadline for Submission is September 1st. 
  • Announcement of winners will be on September 15th.

 They will select the winning photo based on likes AND on their own expert eye. We've talked Dan Vermillion from Sweetwater Travel (and FWP Commissioner), Booboy Dave DeLisi from Sweetgrass Rods, and Russel Parks from the Missoulian Angler into being our panel of Judges. These folks have been kind enough to donate their time and expertise.

 We're offering a few different prizes:

 Get out there, go fishing, take some photos and submit them!

* You do not have to like our FB page to enter the contest, but we'd love to have you as a friend.

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