Get Outside

We load up the truck and head out to find some decent evening hatches on one of Montana's rivers in an hour and a half.Reports are that the Mo is on fire right now w/ PMD's and Caddis.

In fact, reports from around thestate are all hot right now. Get outside, go fish. Do some scouting.

We'll be hitting a nice little river in a close by valley that holds some decent browns. If things go well, we'll get yelled at for being home well past 10. Skeeters are out in force, and so are the bugs we love, like caddis, stoneflies, and PMD's.

There's a moment when it the whole mess comes together, and you look up after tieing on yet another fly, when you realize that there might be bigger fish in bigger rivers, or there's probably somebody having a garden party, but hot damn, this is where it's at.

Get off the computer and go have fun before someone tries to take your access away, again.

We are. Besides, the dog is getting pushy. She's ready to go swimming.

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