We all cringe at the words: Congress is back in session.

However, today we’re pretty excited. Senator Tester’s Sportsman’s Act of 2012 is coming up for a cloture vote today. That means that the Senate will vote to move the bill forward. It requires 60 votes to push the bill onward to the House of Representatives and ultimately, to the President.

We’ve written extensively about the bill[B1] , so we’ll not go through all of the provisions. But one should be highlighted: The Keeping Public Lands Public component. Introduced as a standalone bill in 2011 by Senator Tester, the KPLPA would permanently dedicate 1.5% of all Land and Water Conservation Fund monies to securing access to public lands.

How could anyone be against that? 

The bill received 84 votes in support before Congress adjourned to let us all watch all of those great commercials and then go vote. 84 out of 100 Senators said that this was good enough to pick it back up after the election.

Well buddy, here we are. On the eve of a vote that we hope will show America that Montanan’s know how to get it done. Senator Tester has worked tirelessly to reach across the aisle and generate support from over 40 conservation, hunting, angling and gun rights organizations.

The question then remains, will congress do something worthwhile, or just keep whistling past the graveyard.

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