Hunter & Angler Opportunities

Hellgate Hunters and Anglers' is a local hunting, fishing and conservation organization that promotes hunter and angler opportunities, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, and, finally, connecting people to nature through the eyes of hunters and anglers.

  • Block Management
  • Sale of Public Lands
  • Bridge Access
  • Wildlife Habitat Acquisition

Block Management - We strongly support increased and improved access for hunters and anglers. We supported the effort that brought permanence to the Block Management Program. One of our Directors is a member of the Public Wildlife Private Land Working Group that is on the leading edge of efforts to achieve and maintain hunter and angler access to public wildlife and fish.

Sale Of Public Lands - Public land is extremely important for the future of hunting and angling access and opportunity in Montana. Our position is that "Public Lands belong in Public Hands" and support no net loss of public property in Montana and the U.S. We have vigorously opposed the President’s proposal to sell off portions of the National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Lands to fund the Secure Rural Schools and County Self Determination Act for the next five years. We will continue to identify and support alternative financing for this Act that provides much needed financial support to our counties that are rich with public lands.

Bridge Access
- We have long supported a resolution to access at bridge abutments.  In the 2009 session we sent a bus full of hunters and anglers in support of the Bridge Access bill making it legal for landowners to fence to bridge abutments while at the same time providing access for hunters and anglers.  We were pleased when the bill passed and didn’t stop there.  In conjunction with MTFWP, we helped put in access gates on the North Fork of the Blackfoot River..a true win win for landowners and sportsmen.

Wildlife Habitat Acquisition - We support acquisitions of critical wildlife habitat where the resulting ownership or acquired interest will preserve and/or improve the effectiveness of that habitat, and provide appropriate, equitable access for hunting, fishing and other recreation.


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Hellgate Hunters and Anglers
Our Mission is to conserve Montana's wildlife, wild places, and fair-chase hunting and fishing heritage.