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Last session, while we were all embroiled in fighting legislation to test & slaughter elk in the Northern Yellowstone Herd, hand control of our wolves back to Washington D.C. and take your resident hunter opportunity away, something good did happen.

Working with the outfitting community and resident hunters & anglers, Senator Kendall Van Dyk reintroduced his Hunters against Hunger bill.

It became law. Governor Bullock signed it. It’s now the law of the land. There should be much rejoicing.

You can find out how to donate at the FWP Website. It’s pretty simple: When you purchase a license, ask to donate to Hunters Against Hunger. When you purchase a license on-line, look for the Hunters Against Hunger donation button. Every little bit helps.
Here’s what the bill does:

It sets up an account so that Hunters can donate a minimum of $1. That buck then goes to the Montana Food Bank Network where the funds are sent to local food banks in need for processing of wild game. It’s simple, effective and we hope it means that hunters will now help not only feed hungry Montana families with wild game, but we help pay for the processing as well.If you’re like me, then you’ve already got a pocket full of elk & deer tags. I normally donate at least one doe to a local food bank, but after talking with my pastor, it became clear that the donation of game animals actually stresses budgets in small food banks to the point where they almost have to turn game away. That’s not right.

Thanks to Senator Van Dyk’s leadership, that got fixed, but only with your continued help. The easy work’s been done, now it’s time to fill that coffer so all Montanan’s can enjoy wild game.
Montana has over 160,000 big game hunters. If we each gave $5, that equals $800,000. That’s a lot of pronghorn, venison and elk processed. But a donation does so much more than just pay for the processing: it helps keep local food banks from spending their hard earned dollars on processing fees rather than purchasing other food. What good is meat without the potato, right?

We’re proud to stand with everyone who helped make this bill a reality. Senator Van Dyk (D-Billings) and Representatives Kelly Flynn (R-Townsend) & Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon) did a fantastic job of stewarding this through both houses and on to the Governor’s desk.

We hope this program becomes a force for good in helping Montanan's stay healthy and well fed.

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