John Stegmaier

John Stegmaier
MTB Missoula, Executive Director
HHA Member since 2016, Board Member since 2021

Worked on the archery range while working for Missoula County and later became the archery range liaison to the Big Sky Park Stewardship Committee to help provide a public archery range for Missoula

My wife's passion for fishing is fierce and I'm always trying to help her get out. Sometimes it gets out of hand -- such as the time we went deep sea fishing when she was 6 months pregnant in Nicaragua with no radio, pfds, or first aid. Hmmm. 

Favorite hunting snack is canned sardines and crackers

I couldn't live without my old school, army surplus wool pants

My friend Joel mentored me as I was starting out with big game hunting and I'll never be able to thank him enough for the assistance getting started. 

Best advice I've received for hunting: find a choke point, sit down and be patient

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