Memorial Day Thanks

Memorial Day weekend is when a grateful nation reflects on the sacrifices the men and women of our armed services have made to ensure our freedom and our way of life. It’s also the traditional opener of the summer festivities Montanan’s save our sick days for.

Floating rivers that are coming down from spring runoff, heading out from the new trailhead into the Front, Missions or the Bob & slinging bait for walleye in Fort Peck are all commonly accepted and often times required activities for Montanans during Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a tip of our Stormy Kromer to someone else who deserves to be remembered this Memorial Day weekend: Senator Max Baucus. Without his stalwart advocacy for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, there’d be a heck of a lot less opportunity to float, hike and chase those delicious old marble-eyes.

Hellgate Hunters & Anglers recently teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Montana Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and TRCP to thank Max for his long standing support of increased public access opportunities and conserving Montana’s last, best places. Our ad ran in the Billings Gazette last Sunday:

If you want to find out where these LWCF Funded projects are in Montana, check out our Sportsman’s Atlas. It’s a great tool to help plan your next hunt, fishing trip or hiking expedition as well.

May you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend, and remember our troops past and present as you celebrate our natural treasures.

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