Michael Grisley

Michael Grisley 

Owner and CEO at Osito Wine Distribution

HHA Member since 2017, Board Member since 2019

  • How did your passion for wild life, wild places, and fair chase hunting and fishing blossom? Camping, fishing, skiing, hiking and biking in the mountains and deserts of Utah from a young age 

Favorite/most memorable hunting/fishing story? Shooting my first Wild Turkey. I was making lunch in my kitchen and saw a giant Tom cruising the woods behind our house. I conveniently had left my gun in my truck from the day before searching for turkeys, so I quickly ran and grabbed it, then stalked the old Tom for a couple minutes and took a clean shot and dropped the bird instantly. Wildly unconventional hunt, but memorable nonetheless. No Camo needed. 

Choose your weapon:  fly rod, rifle, or bow? Fly Rod 

What is the best hunting/fishing advice you have received? Patience, patience, patience


What hunting/fishing adventures are on your bucket list? Jurassic Lake, Argentina 

What is your advice for younger generations? Get involved and be an active member of any rod/gun club, and take nothing for granted, especially our access to public lands and waters! 


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