Searching for West

We were down in Bozeman this Thursday for the premiere of Mark Seacat's new film,Searching for West. I've been fortunate enough to get to know Mark through some of the work he's done in promoting solid conservation efforts for Sportsmen for Montana,  the Wild Sheep Foundation and others. I knew we were in for something different.

Mark didn't disappoint. The premier itself was a rollicking good time, with several speakers and a ton of prize giveaways. Dan Crockett from Bugle Magazine had the clearest vision of what so many in the Montana hunting community are trying to do: redefine how hunters are viewed by the general public, and show the world that we're not all about the grip and grins. We're not hunters who sit in heated blinds speaking in breathlessly as the feeder goes off and the mechanical whir tells the pets it's time to eat.

We hunt for the right reasons. To test our mettle, and to test the wild world we live in. We celebrate the public lands we need in order to chase bucks and bulls. We protect all wildlife, regardless of convenience. We fight to keep our access to our public lands. We participate, we manage, and we immerse ourselves in the rites of passage and gifts from our fathers. Seacat Creative's been able to develop and promote that message in partnership with some of the best names in the outdoor world: Sitka Gear, Leica, Mystery Ranch and many others.

There is a growing sentiment that food plots and C'mere Deer don't represent the average hunter. That it promotes the wrong image and ethics behind our passion. It pushes hunters  further away from the hearts of the rest of the nation. It's like sending Dudley Moore into the Russian embassy to negotiate a trade agreement.

There was not one dead critter in that movie. No blood was spilled, and it's the best hunting movie I've seen.  It was a story, not a commercial. Nobody named Pigman was squealing and snorting. I never once thought that PETA would love what's on the screen. It's what hunting media should be.

Well done boys.

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