Sheep for the Mountains


If there’s one species that signifies Montana’s place in the Boone & Crockett Record books, it’s bighorn sheep. We produce monster rams. It’s what we do.

From the unattainable brutes of Wild Horse Island to the record busters of the Breaks to the thin air Rams of the Unlimited Units – Montana grows exceptional sheep.

Efforts the last few years to establish new herds, augment existing herds and just basically grow the sheep population have been stymied by disease, domestic livestock interaction and politics. We saw a couple of attempts to stop any transplanting or augmentation of sheep herds in the 2013 Legislature. SB 314 & SB 83 would have been disastrous not only to Bighorns, but to all wildlife. Luckily, both of these bills died after a lot of hard work by groups such as the Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Bowhunters Association, Montana Sportsmen’s Alliance, Montana Wild Sheep Foundation and many others.

It was a dark time for sheep last winter. But like all good stories, the clouds parted and we’re back on track for establishing new herds and augmenting existing herds. Thanks to the tireless efforts of FWP Region 3 Biologist Julie Cunningham and by following the Montana Bighorn Sheep Management Plan, we’re now looking at a way to augment small sheep herds in the Madison Range.

FWP just released their Environmental Assessment for transplanting Bighorn sheep herds in Madison range. If you want to hunt sheep, increase your draw odds and generally just want to have better, larger Bighorn herds in Montana, you best take notice and send your comments in to support this augmentation. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free!

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