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The political advertising is already in full swing. You can’t turn on a tv, radio or computer without finding out how X candidate hates your mom, or YH candidate stole your dad’s retirement fund. It’s getting hard to separate the wheat from the Chaff, or the bull from the bullspit, as my grandfather used to say.

But there’s one way to do that. You can be in Billings on August 15th, 2012. Starting at 5:30 PM, the Public Land and WaterAccess Association,Outdoor Life Magazine and the Montana BowhuntersAssociation will have a Candidate Forum where you’ll never be subjected to a campaign ad, just the candidates.

This is a great way to hear what the candidates for the US Senate, US House and Governor's race think about hunting and fishing issues at the State and Federal level. 

The Forum is being held at Petro Hall at MSU Billings. It’s being moderated by Andrew McKean (editor, Outdoor Life), Randy Newberg (On Your Own Adventures) and Seth Rogers (Director, Montana Bowhunters Association). They’ll be taking written questions from the audience, as well as compiling a list of questions from

Randy’s also going to be holding a live tele-town hall Tuesday evening to help gather more questions. They’ll sift through all of the questions submitted and pick the best ones to ask the candidates.

This is a big deal. Elections matter to hunters and anglers. We’ve seen people try to take away our rights to access our own lands and water, to eliminate science from wildlife management, sell off public lands, and scores of other bad ideas. It’s time that hunters and anglers stand up and demand some respect, and some answers.

I hear that the streaming video won’t have any of those annoying political ads, which makes that two bonus points above watching Olympic BMX racing (seriously? BMX racing is an Olympic sport?)

Submit your questions, be there or watch live. Most of all, remember to vote!

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