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Encouraged by new commitment to double-down and make Montana a better place

A broad spectrum of hunters and anglers from across Montana today reacted to the announcement that Senior Senator Max Baucus will not seek re-election in 2014 with disappointment, but were encouraged by his commitment to ‘double-down’ on several home-grown conservation efforts before his term expires.

“Senator Baucus has been a tireless champion of public access to public lands, increasing sporting opportunities and ensuring a bright future for Montana’s most iconic landscapes. His efforts to secure the Gallatin Land Exchanges, to conserving the North Fork of the Flathead River, to recent introduction of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, are just a few of many examples to a lasting public access legacy from his four decades of public service,” said Randy Newberg, host of outdoors television show, On Your Own Adventures. “His retirement from the Senate is reason to reflect on the many public access efforts his service in Congress has provided to Montanans.”

“We owe Max Baucus a debt of gratitude for the work that he’s accomplished over the last forty years to ensure a bright future for Montana’s hunting and angling heritage and sustainable economy, by improving and defending public access to public lands” said Randy Newberg said. “His steadfast support of full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and his ability to put Montana interests above partisan gridlock is how things should work in public land policy,” Newberg Continued.

Although Baucus will be missed, sportsmen were encouraged by his statements to redouble efforts to pass the North Fork Protection Act and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act before his term expires:

“Max will be remembered for the way he brought Montanans to together to hash out home-grown solutions for our land and water,” said Joe Perry, a member of the Montana Sportsmen’s Alliance. “I’m encouraged that the products of this home-grown collaboration will remain a top priority. I hope we pass them soon to cement Max’s legacy.”

Prior to the retirement announcement by Senator Baucus, over 1,000 sportsmen requested Montana’s congressional delegation work together to pass the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act.

Jim Posewtiz, founder of Orion, the Hunter’s Institute said: “We also remember, with great appreciation, Max’s role in the creation of the Canyon Ferry Trust in the late 1990’s. At one point the effort to create the Trust was nearly derailed by narrow opposing political ideology. Max was able to stay the course and keep the effort focused on what was right for fish, wildlife and public access. Each year since that trust has added to the Montana outdoor conservation legacy – and because of the public trust nature of the venture, it will carry on in perpetuity.”

“Senator Baucus has done yeoman’s work on ensuring that wildlife and the hunters and anglers who cherish them to remain strong along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. From the bi-partisan legislation that withdrew the Front from oil and gas drilling to the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, Max has been a champion of wildlife and hunters and anglers,” said Nick Gevock, Outreach Coordinator for the Montana Wildlife Federation. “There’s a lot of work left to be done, and we’ll be standing with Max all the way to ensure passage of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and finally achieve full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund,”

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