The Great Fish Ambassador

Every once in awhile, a story comes across my desk that renews my faith in the human spirit: simple things done by everyday men and women.  I’m a bit biased but Montanans seems to produce these moments more often than surrounding states.  Such is the case when I read the story this morning in the Great Falls Tribune about Joel Stewart. Baghdad couldn’t be more unlike Montana.  I’ve never been but a hot dry day in the middle of summer in Eastern Montana gives me at least a taste of what it must be like. That’s why Joel’s story is so remarkable.  The simple act of stashing a fly rod, I’m guessing one that was not official issue, spawned a mini movement.  It’s a great reminder that within all of us is the opportunity to be ambassadors for our outdoor pursuits. While we all won’t be giving casting lessons at Saddam’s palace any time soon, we have the great responsibility to take advantage of teaching moments, whether to young kids just getting into the game, or old friends who are curious to know how we spend our weekends.  Together we will preserve our heritage or watch it drift away like sand in the wind in a far off land. 

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