Trey Curtiss


Trey Curtiss

R3 Coordinator

HHA Member since 2017, Board Member since 2021

How did your passion for wildlife, wild places, and fair chase hunting and fishing blossom? My family had a working cattle ranch in the Flint Creek valley and my father took me hunting near there at a really young age.  After that my attention was always focused towards hunting. 


Favorite/most memorable hunting/fishing story? I’m not sure I have a “most memorable”, but I once got frostbite on 8 toes. It was -17 when we left the trailhead and returned well after dark after knocking a bull down, quartering it, and getting the first portion to the truck. Luckily, almost all of the feeling has returned and they no longer look like little eggplants.

Have you ever been lost? One time in the Salt Palace Convention Center in SLC. It was on my first post-college work trip and was after my first ride in an airplane a few years ago. Honestly, I couldn't find an exit and tried to use OnX to see where I was in the building. Never been lost in the woods, though. 

Favorite River/Hunting snack? Market on Front breakfast burrito or some smoked sardines on either a peanut butter or cheese Ritz cracker.

Have you ever given away your Honey Hole? Yes, a couple of them,  but those folks know that the Son of God is always watching. 

Choose your weapon: fly rod, rifle, or bow? 50/50 on rifle elk or archery elk. 

If you had to pawn everything- what hunting /fishing item could you not live without? Either my dad’s first shotgun or his first rifle. I’d get more for the rifle, though. 

One bug Challenge:  If you had to use one bug for the whole season what would it be? Pink San Juan. Fishing a dropper-dropper under a bobber will always have my heart. Just like bonking and smoking non-native trout. 

What is the story behind your first rod or gun?  Who gave it to you? I was 6 or so when I convinced my dad it was time I graduated from a “kid caster” to adult tackle. After checking out at Wal-Mart I was gleaming while I walked. On the way to the parking lot the automatic doors closed in front of me snapping that Ugly Stick in half. Thankfully, they replaced it. 

What is the best hunting/fishing advice you have received? “Never be late for work, hunting or church.” Considering I never go to church, it puts a lot of pressure on the other two. 

What hunting/fishing adventures are on your bucket list? Elk in MT until heart disease gets the best of me (I’m healthy now, just assuming based on statistics). 

What is your advice for younger generations? Never take the chains out of your rig and always put them on before you need them. 


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